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At TRIPS PORTUGAL, we understand the complexity of organizing transport for large groups of travelers. From collecting information about flights, hotels, destinations and necessary checks to ensure that each VIP receives the best treatment. We take care of all the logistics and follow-up so that no detail is forgotten. Our extensive experience in roadshows, festivals, meetings and congresses makes us the obvious choice to organize your next big event.



Travel Planning

We want to make the organization and planning of land trips a simple experience for any travel agent or organizer. To do so, just give us your list of clients and our team will carry out the planning for trips such as tours and transfers, simple and flexible in order to be able to respond to any last minute changes that your travelers/clients may need.


Quality control

We are obsessed with the details. We check, double check and triple check to make sure every leg of the trip is up to date. Flights will be screened for early arrivals, delays or deviations. Our team on the ground will ensure the reception and connection with your customers, and the vehicle requested will be in accordance with your needs and those of your customers.


Dispatch Teams

Our quality controls are managed by a team on the ground and our drivers are true connoisseurs of the city. They know the best routes and avoid any traffic or obstructions that may exist. Our team on the ground and our back office are the back-up heroes that ensure all kinds of solutions in case of emergencies, dealing with any situation with our GPS technology and logistical knowledge.


meet and greet

Arriving in a new city or a new country for the first time can be intimidating for anyone. Our ground team will coordinate and organize a warm welcome for your client, to and from the Airport. You can count on our team composed of multidisciplinary members, prepared to carry out “Meet & Greet” at airports, with a sign or tablet with the name of your customers, as well as your company logo for quick and easy identification.


Diversified Fleet

You can count on our fleet to meet your needs: from a small group to a large group of people and luggage. Our fleet is made up of different types of new vehicles in order to offer the best solution for your travelers: Sedans, Executives, MiniVans and Minibuses. Individual solutions or for large private or corporate groups, for short or long trips, you can always count on us.


professional drivers

Last but certainly not least, we only work with the best professional drivers. Our team of drivers is expertly trained for customer service, being your “concierge” on land. Our team of professional chauffeurs continues to perfect their craft. All drivers not only undergo extensive and ongoing training, but are also pre-screened with a health, safety and background check.




Change the way you travel!

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